The Law Office Of Daniel Guo, P.C.


​1.   A Team of Ph.D.s and J.D.s from Top Schools with extensive research and practice experience.

2.  Our Extensive Practice Database that incorporates recent AAO Decisions,  USCIS Memos, and Numerous Recently Approved EB1/NIW Petitions.

​3.   Our Unique and Successful Practice Strategies based on our scientific training and practice experience, which guarantee high approval rates and low RFE rates for EB1/NIW petitions.

​4.   Money-back Guarantee Service for qualified Clients (Risk-Free Representation).

​5.  All-Inclusive Service including drafting recommendation Letters, Index Page, Exhibits Templates and Petition Letter.

​6.    No Additional Fee for Responding to RFEs from USCIS.

​7.    Free I-485 Consultation.

​8.    Top Client Satisfaction.